Ohio Accident Attorney

Written by Beth Hrusch
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When looking for a good Ohio accident attorney, there are many sources from which to draw information. A recommendation from someone who had a satisfactory experience is a good place to start. The Internet provides a wealth of resources regarding attorneys who specialize in personal injury. Of course, there are many excellent firms in the local phone directory. But how do you know which ones will have the expertise necessary to give you good representation?

Selecting an Ohio Accident Attorney

Another way to select an attorney is to use a certified lawyer referral service. This can be either a state or private organization that rates lawyers and law firms based on several criteria. City and state Bar Associations provide referrals, as do other lawyers who may have experience working with attorneys who will fit your needs. Lawyers often specialize in particular fields of law, and the one who handled your friend's divorce may not be the best choice for a personal injury suit.

The attorney you choose should have experience in the field of law that refers to your case. If you are involved in a tort case, for example, you will want a personal injury lawyer because he or she will know the Ohio tort laws and thus will give you better representation. As you research your choices, consider an impartial rating company that can access the records of thousands of firms. Corporations and even other attorneys often use the services of these companies when looking for an attorney.

An experienced accident attorney will know how to apply state law to your case. In Ohio, the tort laws differ from those in other states on several points. This is why a local firm, or one licensed in the state of Ohio, is a wise choice when the time comes to engage professional help. There are many resources available for finding the attorney who will fit your needs.

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