Ohio Bike Accident Attorney

Written by Beth Hrusch
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Various types of injuries and disabilities can occur as a result of motorcycle accidents. A biker who is involved in a collision with an automobile, for instance, can experience lingering effects of the crash in addition to the immediate injuries that he or she suffers. Future, unforeseen problems may arise as a result of the injuries, and this may present the victim with financial hardship. Getting relief from the burden of medical bills is one of the reasons why Ohio bike accident victims choose to engage personal injury attorneys to represent them.

An Accident Attorney Knows the Law

Ohio has the third highest number of registered motorcycles in the U.S. The state is also home to dozens of motorcycle safety courses designed to teach bikers how to ride safely. Unfortunately, the vast majority of motorists do not have access to courses that teach them how to share the road with motorcycles. The combination of ignorance and reckless driving is often fatal for bikers, who are almost always injured when involved in a collision with an automobile. Ohio law allows motorcycle riders to file personal injury suits against drivers who cause these collisions, as long as the suit is filed in a timely manner.

Many factors are involved in bringing a successful suit against a reckless motorist. An attorney has the resources to investigate police and medical records in order to find out the circumstances surrounding the accident. Doing so will determine who was at fault and whether the motorcyclist has a strong case. Getting a fair settlement can mean a better quality of life for an injured rider who would otherwise have to face higher insurance premiums and large medical bills.

In the case of bike accidents, prevention is the key. Driver and rider education can mean safer road conditions for all motorists. However, when an accident does occur, there are procedures to follow to ensure that everyone's rights are protected. An Ohio attorney who specializes in personal injury can advise an accident victim regarding how to handle insurance companies, and can use his expertise to the client's advantage.

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