Ohio Dog Bite Lawyers

Written by Beth Hrusch
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Dog bites are a fairly common occurrence, due to the fact that people often find themselves in close contact with each other's animals. In neighborhoods, for example, pet owners sometimes leave their dogs unleashed, and people get into the habit of allowing their children to pet the local dogs. These situations are just two of the most common scenarios that invite trouble for pet owners and their neighbors alike.

Dog Bites Can Cause Serious Injury

The consequences of dog bites for adults and children cannot be overstated. In Ohio, there are laws specifically designed for this situation, and it places a heavy burden of responsibility on the dog owner to control his or her animal. While most people will never have a problem with their pets, there are breeds that are more likely to attack people and are therefore more strictly regulated in Ohio.

There are also times when a dog who is normally friendly will snap and attack either its owner or a stranger. When this occurs, an attorney will want to know the circumstances of the attack. Was the victim trespassing or committing a crime of the pet owner's property? Was he baiting the dog? Under Ohio law, if it can be shown that the dog was protecting the property from an intruder and was himself provoked to attack, the pet owner may be absolved of responsibility.

Without legal representation, a pet owner whose dog attacks someone may find himself in trouble with the law. Even if the dog owner is found liable, it is better to have had an attorney to help explain the extent of responsibility and possibly minimize the consequences of the attack. The aim of Ohio's dog bite laws is to make neighborhoods safer by regulating dog owners, thus encouraging them to control their pets.

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