Ohio Injury Attorney

Written by Beth Hrusch
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An Ohio injury attorney represents people who have sustained an injury at the hands of another. Of course, not all injuries are directly caused by the negligence or ill intent of another person, but if such a connection can be made then the law gives recourse to the victim. The value in engaging an attorney is that he or she can make this determination by applying Ohio law to the client's case. The average person cannot do this, due to lack of training, experience, and resources.

Ohio Law Regarding Personal Injury

In Ohio, tort laws deal with personal injury and the extent to which a person may be held liable for injury to another. Many related issues are also part of the Ohio Revised Code. For example, plaintiffs must file suit in a timely manner. It is the responsibility of the attorney to know the deadlines and act upon them for the good of the client. Each field of tort law also has its own stipulations. Product liability definitions differ from those in cases of medical malpractice, for instance.

In any injury case, the plaintiff often finds himself pitted against insurance companies that represent the interests of the defendant. A good injury attorney will protect his or her client against any attempts by insurance companies to withhold or reduce payments that are due to the plaintiff. Everyone on both sides of a personal injury lawsuit will try to protect his or her own interests. Lawyers realize this fact, and will act as the client's representative when dealing with defendants and related entities.

Ohio law has gone through many changes in recent years, due to tort reform measures designed to limit compensation and discourage frivolous lawsuits. The Ohio Supreme Court has struck some of these measures down as unconstitutional. An attorney who is up-to-date on the latest laws will be an invaluable resource to anyone seeking damages for injury, as he or she will be able to use knowledge of the law in order to get the maximum compensation for the injuries.

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