Ohio Motorcycle Accident Attorney

Written by Beth Hrusch
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For Ohio motorcycle riders involved in an accident, an Ohio motorcycle accident attorney can be a valuable resource for protecting their rights and determining fault. Over 80 percent of all motorcycle accidents are not the fault of the motorcyclist, due mainly to the fact that motorists tend to overlook motorcycles when on the road. They treat a bike as they would any other vehicle, and often this proves to be a serious mistake. Motorcycles should be given special consideration, as their riders are especially vulnerable to injury.

Motorcycle Accident Attorneys Examine the Facts

Most motorcyclists learn how to ride safely before getting their endorsements. In Ohio, there are dozens of training centers designed for this purpose. Some of them even provide the instruction, test, and endorsement all in one place. Thus, the majority of motorcycle riders are prepared for how to handle a variety of situations. An automobile test, on the other hand, does not provide instruction on how to share the road with motorcycles. Most drivers are not aware of these rules of safety.

It is therefore not surprising that over 120 motorcyclist fatalities occur in Ohio every year. In fact, Ohio is one of seven states that collectively account for almost half of all motorcycle deaths in the United States. An Ohio motorcycle accident attorney is in a specialized field, created to address the growing number of accidents involving bikes. Since a motorcyclist is 21 times more likely to die in a crash than a motorist, a motorcycle injury case often involves families suing for wrongful death.

Many factors contribute to motorcycle accidents. Ignorance of safety measures, unsafe driving by either party, or failure to recognize the vulnerability of the motorcyclist all play a part. A motorcycle accident attorney can sort through the facts and determine both cause and responsibility for the accident. In many cases, motorcyclists and their families may be entitled to compensatory damages.

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