St Louis Lawyers

Written by Sarah Provost
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Finding a lawyer is never an easy task. It's made even more difficult by the fact that if you're looking for a lawyer, you likely have a major problem. You or someone you love might have been injured, and you want to sue for medical costs and damages. You might feel you lost your job through discrimination. You might even need a lawyer to defend you from someone else's accusation.

None of these are situations in which we are thinking clearly. When we're in a crisis, our natural tendency is to want to do something about it immediately. How do you go about finding and choosing a lawyer under these circumstances?

Research Lawyers Online

The Internet is an excellent resource for finding lawyers. I would have doubts about any lawyer who didn't have a website. Websites for law offices will tell you what kind of law the firm specializes in. Do they handle criminal or civil cases? Are they focused on taxes, patents, real estate, inheritance or personal injury? Are most of their clients individuals or corporations?

You can also review a lawyer's credentials on his web page, including education, positions held and years of experience. Most websites also include information about significant past cases, the percentage of cases won, and the size of settlements. Comprehensive and professional sites also have a link so you can submit basic information about your situation to find out whether you have a viable case. At a difficult time in your life, you can save time, money and frustration by doing your preliminary research online.

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