Baycol Recall

Written by Lacy Carter
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Given the relatively small number of reported cases of rhabdomyolysis each year and the prevalent tie between it and statin drug use, the Baycol recall did not come as a shock to any informed party. Pharmaceutical companies are in the business to make money, but also to help improve the health of its customers. When counter reactions, like Baycol side effects, are found more threatening than the original condition, a recall is in order.

The Baycol Recall Decision

It has been several years since the Baycol recall and new cases of rhabdomyolysis are still being reported. In August of 2001, the manufacturer made the decision to remove the product from the market and issue a formal statement to health practitioners. The FDA officially supported the decision and urged doctors to inform their patients and start prescribing alternate medications in lieu of Baycol or Lipobay.

There was much concern over the impact the Baycol recall would create on its users. The reason that Baycol or Cerivastatin is administered in the first place is to lower cholesterol levels. Many patients feared that they would lose the cholesterol curbing effects of Baycol once it was made unavailable. But, since the Baycol recall news, other substitutable forms of statin drugs have been identified and issued.

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