Written by Lacy Carter
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Pharmaceutical companies clamber to gain proprietary rights over the most advanced drug formulations. Baycol or Lipobay was also produced in a generic form, Cerivastatin. While this provided options to patients for a while, rhabdomyolysis information soon changed the situation. All of these products were removed from pharmacy shelves due to the strong correlation between them and a rising rhabdomyolysis prognosis figure.

Is Cerivastatin the Same as Baycol?

Baycol, Lipobay and Cerivastatin are all statin drugs that target dangerous cholesterol levels. The effectiveness of these formulas was found shadowed by their drawback of the heightened risk of developing rhabdomyolysis. The Baycol recall a few years ago left an amazing bounty of people scrambling for a replacement drug.

The manufacturer decision that led to Baycol recall news was shocking to many in the medical community. Doctors had been prescribing the drug to patients without heeding or being aware of the special precautions recommended. Trusting individuals were taking Baycol, Lipobay and Cerivastatin without being apprised of the documented risks and known link with rhabdomyolysis.

If you or someone you know is currently taking Cerivastatin, reevaluate this decision with a doctor immediately. This drug is no longer marketed and should be replaced with an alternate medication. Any rhabdomyolysis symptoms are cause for you to seek medical attention and the advice of a Baycol attorney as soon as possible.

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