Written by Lacy Carter
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High cholesterol is an alarming condition that requires medical attention. But, in many cases patients were prescribed Lipobay without much regard for the additional complications that it might cause. Even though it was approved and lawfully sold in the United States until 2001, Lipobay, also known as Baycol, is no longer available or prescribed.

Who Should Take Lipobay

Since the Baycol recall, no one should be taking Lipobay. Statin drugs are very valuable in the battle against cholesterol, but there are other options to Lipobay, Baycol and Cerivastatin. Your doctor should have switched your prescription from any of the three mentioned formulations. If you have not changed treatments, seek additional medical care.

There are a few well-known things that you can do to restore general health and help regulate cholesterol levels without Lipobay. A balanced diet, low in fatty foods, is one excellent way to build a wellness lifestyle. Regular exercise helps your body function at its top levels and helps reduce susceptibility to nearly every health hazard imaginable. If you are experiencing dangerous cholesterol levels, some minor adjustments in your daily life can really make a difference.

Lipobay is not marketed currently. But, the damage caused by the drug may still linger for millions of people. Rhabdomyolysis, a rare condition, is one reason noted for the Lipobay and Baycol recall. If you have any questions about the drug and its affects, you are well-advised to talk to a medical professional and a lawyer to get answers.

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