Rhabdomyolysis Treatment

Written by Lacy Carter
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It is the breakdown of the muscle matter that creates such a serious health risk with rhabdomyolysis. Myoglobin, a substance found in the muscle, contains dangerous iron pigments. When these particles are released, the level of toxicity rises and any number of consequences can occur.

Simple Rhabdomyolysis Treatment

Some very encouraging studies offer some suggestions for treatment for some patients. While not applicable in every case, extreme hydration may be able to flush the toxins from the body. If your complications arise as a result of Baycol side effects of Cerivastatin use, an early diagnosis dramatically determines the severity of the situation.

If the necessary volume of liquid cannot be ingested, intravenous flushing is another option. Specialized fluids can be circulated through your body to help rid it of the iron pigments and restore healthful balance. In some cases, sterile fluids are used as an extra precaution.

It should be stressed that this hydration approach may not be suitable for every person. Only your doctor can accurately gauge your health status and determine the safest and most effective rhabdomyolysis treatment.

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