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Will preparation used to take an exceptionally long time thanks to delays in communication and transportation. Now, with the proper online legal advice, a quick will can be completed--quickly! The new paradigm of business by Internet has arrived, and its benefits to the estate planner could not be clearer. Is there any reason you're not rushing off to complete the task right this particular moment?

How much information about the estate planning process should you reveal to your children? Some psychologists recommend that children be left out of the whole affair. Contemplation of a parent's mortality may induce depression or other negative reactions. On the other hand, the issue must be dealt with someday.

Jump Start Your Quick Will

By engaging your child in a non-aggressive, reassuring manner about the subject, you may actually do some good. Children are relatively tough creatures. They can process the hard facts of life when these facts are presented through a sympathetic lens. In fact, their perspective on the matter may serve to ground you as you go through the struggle of filing a will.

Ultimately, the decision to talk openly about the process is yours alone to make. Generally, transparency and honesty about these matters benefits the entire family and draws bonds closer. But if--for whatever reason--your unit is unprepared for the psychological challenges, don't force it. The old hippie adage rings true here--if it feels good, do it!

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