Opt In Lists

    Opt in lists make perfect sense if you stop to think about it. The reason why they work is because they are tailored towards a specific segment of the population, who have shown an interest in a certain topic. For instance, if you are browsing the Net one day for skin care products, and you come across a site about skin care and beauty supplies, you might notice a list of questions on that site.

    These questions could be specific in nature, such as: Do you wear sunscreen daily? Are you worried about wrinkles and/or acne? What type of moisturizer do you use? Would you be interested in receiving information from companies that market skin care supplies and cosmetics? Is it OK for these companies to contact you via your email address? These types of questions help direct marketing companies figure out whom to focus on when they put together an advertising campaign. The result of these questionaires are opt in lists which tell companies specifically which consumers are interested in hearing from them via the Internet.

    Opt in Lists Promote Higher Sales

    This method of direct advertising has proven to be much more successful than direct mail marketing and telemarketing. In fact, opt in lists elicit a 10-15% response rate, as opposed to only a 1-2% response rate from direct mail advertising. Telemarketing is even worse because the overall population nationwide has expressed a huge disinterest in receiving unsolicited phone calls at home.

    If you are a company that wants to increase your sales and grow your customer base, you can not afford to ignore the positive results optin email marketing can bring you. Not only is it less expensive to carry out than the other methods, but it yields a much higher response rate. All of this means that you end up with a growing business and more money in your pocket.