Booklet Printing

    Booklet printing services can help you break into your own small business. When you write your own booklet and publish it yourself, you have an instant way to get your foot in the door with prospects. Give booklets away for free or sell them at a nominal cost, and then you can sell your other services or products to your new customers.

    Booklet printing has become easier and simpler in recent years due to changes in computers and digital copiers. You can have a typesetter place your booklet in camera-ready format and print it on demand. There is no need to do a large run of 10,000 copies anymore. If you need 10 or 15 copies, they can be done on a digital copier in no time. Of course, the more you order the lower the price per booklet will be.

    Booklet Printing and Mailing

    If you want to save yourself some work, you could use direct mailing services to help you. There are companies who will not only do your booklet printing, but who will also design and mail it for you. All you have to do is research and write the booklet, and supply the mailing list, or rent one from the direct mail company. They will do the rest for you.

    Cashing in on writing booklets is easy to get started. You don't need to be published by a large publishing house to make money on your own expertise. Before long, your booklets will be dispersed widely enough to get your name recognized among your audience, and you'll soon be selling more of your other products.