Safety Newsletters

    The umbrella of "safety newsletters" is a wide one and includes entries from apartment and condo owners to activist groups and government organizations. A safety newsletter may be written by a martial arts teacher and include tips on defending oneself or avoiding confrontations altogether. A different newsletter may look at evacuation methods for a given building, be it a private residence, a business office, or a school.

    Safety newsletters may also be published by groups such as MADD, the Boy Scouts or Girl Scouts of America, or Human Rights Watch, all of which seek to help protect innocents of one form or another. Advice may include ways to keep drunken friends from getting behind the wheel, avoiding or dealing with poisonous snakes and dangerous animals, or staving off physical attackers--you can figure out which tips correspond with which of the aforementioned groups. Regardless, it is safety that is the unifying theme, irrespective of the situation's context.

    The Latest Safety Newsletters

    After 9/11, a lot of people (rightfully) began asking difficult questions they'd never before thought to pose. How would I escape a burning building? What would I do in the event of a biochemical attack? How do I explain these matters to my children? These questions are typical of those living in an increasingly unstable and unpredictable world, and thus the rise of safety newsletters is understandable.

    Immediately after the attacks of 2001, the government posted websites outlining the various procedures should the unthinkable occur. Those looking for even more resources on protecting themselves and their families can subscribe to newsletters featuring articles by government officials, private defense contractors, hazardous materials experts, and psychologists. Many of these newsletters offer sound advice as well as reassurance and charge nothing in return.