Opt In Email List

    An opt in email list is your ticket to higher sales and a growing customer base. It can be a dog-eat-dog world out there when you are trying to sell your goods and services to the public. Add in stiff competition and overhead challenges and you have the equation for an uphill climb to success.

    But, if you take some time to learn about optin email marketing, you will gladly chuck your old ways of advertising. Let's say you've tried direct mail marketing for many years, and you just can not figure out why it' not working. Well, did you know that for every 1000 flyers you send out, about 980 of them end up in the garbage? It's true, and what hurts even more is the money you put out upfront to wage this type of direct marketing campaign.

    How the Opt in Email List Can Help

    OK, so let's take a better look at how an opt in email list can turn things around for you. First, an optin email list consists of the email addresses of consumers who have previously expressed an interest in hearing from companies such as yours. For instance, someone who golfs a great deal would probably welcome the chance to hear more about the custom-made golf clubs your company manufactures.

    You would elicit much better results if you sent out your marketing materials to avid golfers, and not just the general population. A person with absolutely no interest in golf is not going to purchase a set of clubs from you, no matter how enticing you make the offer sound. Permission based marketing is the way to go for the best results, and more and more companies are finding out first-hand just how lucrative it can be.