Creative Advertising

Written by Tara Peris
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The term "creative advertising" often serves as a deterrent to many business owners intent on pursuing a traditional approach to marketing. Indeed, a number of newfangled, ineffective techniques have emerged in recent years to give credence to this skepticism. However, effective advertising is at its core, creative advertising, and those who can find novel, salient mechanisms by which to promote their products are likely to yield the biggest returns.

All too often, creative advertising is associated with quirky, bizarre, and at times far-fetched marketing schemes. There is good reason for this: Operating under the credo of "nothing ventured, nothing gained," advertising firms have pursued many a fruitless endeavor. Although these marketing failures are widely publicized, they should not detract from the broader message.

The Importance of Creative Advertising

Just what is this broader message? It is a call for creativity and innovation in marketing strategy. It is a call to think outside the proverbial box, and to employ an approach that will resonate with consumers because it is different. Clearly this involves risk, however, it can be measured risk.

There are many creative advertising techniques that can be pursued with relatively little risk provided the right foundation is in place. Whenever a new technique is on the table, it is essential to begin with field research and case studies that can be used to verify its utility. This small step of caution can allow for subsequent leaps and bounds in creative, effective advertising.

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