Direct Response Advertising

Written by Kevin Little
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Direct response advertising is a form of marketing that is becoming more and more important for online companies. The internet marketplace has become incredibly competitive over the last few years, and the companies that survive on the Web are those that are able to make themselves attractive to new customers on a consistent basis. The process of finding those important customers is made much easier with the use of a well-structured marketing program.

One of the common procedures involved in direct response advertising involves giving away free items to prospective customers. Even the most casual web surfer will certainly notice an advertisement for a free gift. There are several ways in which to structure prize distribution for any given business.

Direct Response Advertising: Specific and General Gifts

Many companies choose to give away gifts that relate directly to the products they sell. Such gifts will often lead consumers to purchase the items or services that the company offers. Phone companies, for example, might give away handsets in order to increase sales of their cellular-service packages. DVD rental services give away videos and sometimes DVD players to consumers willing to sign up for programs that facilitate online rentals.

Not all gifts, however, need to be specific to the companies that offer them. Companies in many fields choose gifts that appeal to a wide range of people, such as movie tickets. These gifts, while not necessarily related to a given company's products, are still enticing enough to many to warrant a visit to the company's site.

Other Direct Response Advertising Options

Sometimes store credit can be a more effective tool for direct response advertising than pre-selected gifts. Gift cards that offer discounts and savings at a given site are easy to use and to distribute. These cards are emailed to prospective customers and offer discounts and savings on an online company's products. The discounts are activated through the use of alphanumeric codes that automatically deduct a certain amount or percentage from the price of an order.

Cash prizes are another great way to promote a direct response advertising campaign. These giveaways are often structured around games placed on business' site that offer monetary rewards. Whether the game is in the form of a simple lottery or a complex test of skill, the rewards for the player and the business alike are clearly discernible.

Getting Help with Direct Response Advertising

The average businessperson likely has neither the time nor the knowledge to mount a marketing project based on direct-response advertising. This form of marketing, while conceptually simple, can be awfully difficult to execute properly. Marketing professionals can help businesses come up with detailed, cost-effective plans for attracting new customers.

When choosing a marketing firm for a direct response advertising project, there are several important elements to consider. The best marketing firms will have worked with clients that hail from areas all across the online-business spectrum. A good firm will treat each business as an individual entity, striving to meet the specific needs of each client. Top-notch marketers will also provide comprehensive customer service and support at all times.

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