Written by Kevin Little
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EBates make shopping for bargains a breeze. They work by alerting customers whenever there is a particularly good deal to be found on the Web. This puts an end to looking around for sales and giveaways, as the information that savvy shoppers need is found right on their desktops when they sign up for email notifications for specific products, brands or websites.

Membership for EBates is free, making data on all sorts of sales easily accessible. Users also earn rewards with incentive points each time they take advantage of the bargain alerts. Not only do users save on their purchases, they earn discounts on future purchases as well. Saving money online just doesn't get much easier.

Alternatives to EBates

Many different companies have chosen to have their products listed as EBates. Such listings are, however, just one form of marketing. Many companies also look to advertising firms to provide them with direct-response marketing specific to their sites and products. Online marketing can be done in many ways, and it's important for any business to find the solutions that most directly lead to new customers.

The best direct-response firms carefully select their clients to ensure all the support and attention those clients deserve. Marketing plans are designed around businesses one at a time. Clients should not be lumped together, as each individual business has its own discrete needs. Pricing plans are also offered on a case-by-case basis, depending on just how many new customers a given business seeks.

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