Free Coffee

Written by Kevin Little
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Free coffee is just the sort of prize that gets people going in the morning--or anytime, for that matter. People depend on their coffee each day to make those morning hours more bearable. Many coffee drinkers quickly turn into coffee experts, displaying a dizzying amount of knowledge concerning different beans and grinding options.

People who don't necessarily view a cup of coffee as a life-altering experience still enjoy the opportunity to try out different kinds of free coffee. Many online retailers that specialize in groceries or kitchenware find that free samples of some of their more diverse coffee products appeal to large numbers of consumers. People become passionate about coffee very quickly, and small samples often lead to big sales.

Free coffee is not just for food-related sites. Coffee is one of the key elements of the office environment as well as the online marketing universe. Coffee is a product that is very important to a whole lot of people, a fact which makes its marketing potential virtually limitless.

Free Coffee in the Free Market

Not all kinds of businesses will want to give away coffee as a marketing incentive, yet the case of the coffee giveaway is still quite instructive. Finding products that many people use is a good first step towards a compelling direct-marketing campaign. Products such as coffee can serve as elixirs, both for those who have trouble waking up and those who are searching for more activity on their sites.

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