Free Dvds

Written by Kevin Little
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Free DVDs save people a lot of trips to the video store. Why rent the hottest new release when one can get it for free on the Internet? DVDs have become part of many different kinds of offers featured on the Web, and for good reason--consumers respond to such generosity..

One would expect a company that rents videos over the Internet to give away free DVDs now and then. Many DVD-rental resources offer free rentals for a proscribed period of time, beginning when users first sign up for a particular service package. These offers commonly last for a couple of weeks. For the movie buff, a couple of weeks of free videos might as well be an eternity. Think of the number of movies a film aficionado could cross off his or her list over such a period of time.

Surprisingly, sites that specialize in movies are not the only locations for finding free DVDs. Many online companies, from internet-service providers to booksellers, offer DVDs without charge. Online music stores are also known to give away DVDs--discs go well with other discs, after all.

Understanding Free DVDs

So why do so many businesses insist on giving away DVDs? They do so because such offers represent good marketing opportunities for their sites. Many people find it difficult to simply click through an offer for a free DVD. Free offers are a great way to increase site traffic without having to spend too much money.

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