Free Gas

Written by Kevin Little
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Free gas would appear to be an odd incentive for an online store to offer. After all, one of the biggest advantages of shopping on the Web is the opportunity to stay away from the car! Even so, people still have to drive these days--the Internet hasn't yet advanced far enough to spare commuters the headaches of traffic jams.

Since people will be driving their cars into the foreseeable future, gas does in fact look like an attractive gift. Gas is an effective giveaway due to the fact that the use of it is so widespread. No matter what people are shopping for, they will be intrigued by a site that offers free gasoline. As such, many companies have jumped on this petroleum-fueled bandwagon.

You'll likely be surprised by the wildly different kinds of sites have taken to offering their constituents free gas. Gas companies, of course, offer frequent customers valuable rewards. But other companies, ranging from travel resorts to radio stations, also help their customers fill up their cars on the cheap.

The Free Gas Lesson

Gasoline giveaways show us one of the ways in which direct-response marketing can work. Companies need not make gifts of the products they sell or the services they offer. The more important factor in determining what gift to give is the number of people that can use a given product. A prize that can be used by many will engage a large pool of consumers.

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