Free Movie Tickets

Written by Kevin Little
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Free movie tickets seem, at first glance, to have little to do with online marketing. After all, movie tickets are used at movie theaters, and most people don't bring their wireless-ready laptops with them to the 8 p.m. show. In fact, I sincerely doubt that most movie theaters are designed to be wireless hot spots in the first place.

Free movie tickets, however, play vital roles in the marketing schemes of many online companies. The reasons these companies give away free tickets often have nothing to do with the products the companies sell on the Internet. Instead, they give away movie tickets in order to encourage more people to visit their sites.

Free Movie Tickets: Marketing 101

The theory behind giving away free movie tickets is not difficult to comprehend. Giving away free stuff is an easy way to get a prospective customer's interest piqued. The more interest there is in a site, the more profitable it will be. Such are the laws of marketing--they sound pretty simple, right?

Putting such theories into practice can, unfortunately, be quite a lot more challenging than learning them. One need not face such challenges alone. Many successful businesses wisely turn the details of a particular marketing strategy over to online companies. Advertising on the Internet has become much more complex since the inception of the Web, and it pays to have a resourceful guide when attempting to navigate ever-changing waters.

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