Free Passes

Written by Kevin Little
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Free passes are most commonly associated with movies, but are also widely used in the travel industry. Passes for transportation and activities at a particular destination are great travel incentives. With all of the great vacation spots out there, many people make their travel plans based at least in part on special offers that provide them financial flexibility when booking their trips.

Free passes that are good for discounted travel either by air or rail can certainly increase the number of passengers on a plane or train. Incentive programs that offer travelers free trips also encourage consumer loyalty to a particular carrier. Customers will often return to the transportation sources that have treated them well in the past, making travel rewards an important part of customer retention.

Trips are not planned around travel alone, but around specific destinations. One way to entice travelers to see a new part of the world is to offer free passes to local attractions, such as museums or restaurants. In addition, passes for rental cars allow people to get around their chosen city with ease. Such conveniences will certainly be remembered fondly once a trip has ended.

Distributing Free Passes

One of the easiest ways to get passes to your customers is to offer the passes over the Internet. Many people now book transportation on the Web, what with the ease of viewing schedules and printing tickets on travel websites. As planning travel becomes a web-dominated activity, the importance of internet advertising increases.

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