Free Things

Written by Kevin Little
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Free things come in many different shapes and sizes. Products ranging from books to computer programs to fragrances are all offered for free on the Internet. Even big-ticket items like cars or trucks are just waiting to be awarded to lucky surfers.

This proliferation of free things on the Web is driven by the theory of direct-response marketing. Online retailers that shower consumers with free stuff report increased visits to their sites. Online marketing is based, after all, on the process of making one site stand out from its competition. The more visible a site is, the more consumer attention can it expect.

Free Things Lead to Results

Some companies have reported incredible gains in customer interest thanks to marketing programs that include the distribution of free things. The online-business boom has risen to such heights that some companies concern themselves exclusively with web-based advertising. Such firms provide helping hands to companies considering direct-response projects.

Giving away free stuff is not as easy as it looks. One needs to know what sorts of items to offer and where best to place notices. Many companies have found great success by giving away items similar to their own products. Other enticing options include free trials of DVD rental or internet connection services.

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