Free Video Games

Written by Kevin Little
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Free video games can lead to hours of wasted time--and that's a good thing! A well-designed video game will draw the player into a virtual world, a world into which the real-life standards of minutes and seconds dare not venture. Immersing games can be well worth their cover prices, which seem to get more expensive with each passing year.

One way to get around paying the price for a quality game is to obtain the game for free on the Internet. Many free video games include only the first few levels and are designed to give gamers a taste of what's in store in the full version. Such downloads save gaming fans a lot of money when a game doesn't live up to expectations.

Entirely Free Video Games

Some online stores offer complete games at no charge at all to lucky shoppers. The people who run these gaming outlets aren't crazy. They simply realize that one free game now can lead to a number of purchased games down the road. Such a risk is often justified, as stores that offer such gifts are also busily building a loyal consumer base at the same time.

The games that are given away aren't last season's merchandise. Premium offerings for PlayStation 2, Xbox and GameCube are counted among the legions of free video games found on the Internet. Giving away such games can pay big dividends when the next crop of new releases arrives on the (virtual) shelves.

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