Gift Cards

Written by Kevin Little
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Gift cards have undergone a major makeover over the past couple of years. We all know how these cards started. They started as gift certificates, which, while being thoughtful gifts, were very easy to lose track of or mistakenly destroy. Then came the gift card. This card was made of plastic for easy insertion into a wallet. These cards, unfortunately, could only be used if their respective holders were in the right stores at the right times.

The Internet has spawned a new and better gift card. Online gift cards are not so much cards as they are codes. An email is sent to the lucky recipient of such a card. This email contains letters and numbers that wind up spelling savings at online stores. The recipient is thereby granted leeway to shop whenever he or she pleases.

Gift Cards: Business-Friendly

The effects of online gift cards have not been lost on marketing professionals. The features of such cards have given rise to a new advertising phenomenon, that of the direct-email appeal. These cards are quite easy to send to targeted consumers who might be interested in other products displayed on the Web.

Online marketing is an ever-shifting field. Internet technology moves forward so quickly that it can be hard for individual businesses to stay on track. Many businesses have sought counsel from web-savvy marketing companies that make it their goal to stay ahead of the pack.

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