Mobile Yellow Page Advertising

Written by Tara Peris
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Mobile yellow page advertising operates through an Internet database that is linked to cellular phones via innovative new technology. Indeed, the development of novel wireless protocols has enabled people to have the resources of the Internet at their disposal anytime and anywhere. Although many have grown accustomed to this accessibility through devices like Palm pilots and Blackberries, the use of this technology with cell phones is a more recent development.

Mobile yellow page advertising is based on wireless application protocol (WAP) technology. This is trade jargon for a device that enables cell phones and palm computers to obtain remote access to major computer databases. Most phones do not come equipped with this service, requiring customers to seek it out as a benefit of their phone plans.

The Advantages of Mobile Yellow Page Advertising

Those who do add mobile yellow page advertising to their plan are likely to be people who rely on wireless resources as a matter of routine. These people are among the most promising potential customers, as they value the speed and efficiency of modern technology and are thus more likely to act on wireless information they receive. When you advertise through this medium, you are essentially gaining access to people most likely to use your services.

These benefits are enhanced by other advertising options that allow you to pay only when people are connected to your business following your ad. It is a mutually beneficial system in which customers gain easy access to an array of information, and businesses profit from increased referrals. Take some time to learn about WAP technology and to determine how wireless advertising may be of use to you.

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