Pay Per Directed Call Advertising

Written by Tara Peris
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The newest development in directory marketing comes in the form of "pay per directed call" advertising. Unlike so many other advertising approaches, this cost-effective strategy ensures that you get what you pay for. Thus, you can pursue wireless marketing, confident that your investment will reap returns.

As its name implies, pay per directed call advertising is a system in which businesses only pay when customers are connected to their establishments directly. Think of directory assistance as being similar to an independently owned ATM in this regard. When you use private ATM machines, they charge the customer a small service fee for granting access. At the same time, the bank may be charged for being connected to a client.

The Rationale Behind Pay Per Directed Call Advertising

The same is true of pay per directed call advertising. Customers who use a wireless directory can expect to be charged a nominal fee for the convenience of the service. Similarly, businesses will pay a fee each time a customer is connected following their wireless ad.

The procedure is fairly straightforward, and its appeal is enhanced by the fact that companies are only asked to pay when they get more business. This safeguard makes the use of wireless advertising virtually risk-free. Few other strategies offer the same assurance as that provided by pay per directed call advertising.

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