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Written by Seth Cotterell
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Advertising companies like Performance One have taken full advantage of the pay per performance advertising revolution. In the old days, advertising was a gamble. You would invest a huge sum of money up front for your advertising campaign. If it didn't work, you simply started from scratch with a new strategy. You'd fork over a large sum again and hope it would work, but there were no guarantees. That was then, this is now. Along come companies like Performance One and things have changed in the advertising world and today you can feel secure because guarantees do exist.

Performance One and Pay Per Performance Advertising

The type of strategy followed by Performance One is referred to as pay per performance advertising. This type of advertising has changed the face of marketing and will continue to impact the way business is done for many many years to come. Here is a very brief look at how it works.

The first step is to create a commercial. With the help of Performance One or a similar reputable organization, you build a commercial spot to spread your message. The best type is what is known as an infomercial. This is typically about half an hour long, which allows you to present information you never could in a regular 30 second TV ad.

Once your commercial is made, it's time to air it. Performance One and its affiliates have close ties with television and radio stations all across the country. Your commercial will be seen by countless people across the nation. In pay per performance advertising, however, you do not pay a huge sum hoping your ad works. Instead, you pay only for the interest your commercial generates. You pay for the leads and inquiries that come in directly attributed to your commercial.

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