Written by Kevin Little
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Prizes are items that make people think of carnivals, contests and raffles. Not many people think of marketing when the topic of prizes comes up, yet free gifts make up a huge component of advertising, particularly web advertising. Unexpected gifts often inspire interest in the sites that offer them. The giver becomes the lucky party when new customers arrive at a site to receive their baubles.

Giving a consumer a prize simply for showing up at a particular spot may seem silly, yet many online businesses have discovered how effective such a course of action can be. Distributing gifts can provide a site with excellent exposure to future customers. Such customers can give an internet company the advantage it needs in order to thrive.

Different Companies, Different Prizes

Many companies that use prizes for marketing purposes attempt to match up the gifts they offer with the products they display. Some companies that rent DVDs give away free DVD players in order to encourage their customers to rent more videos. In the same vein, companies that provide cellular service often give away free phones.

Other companies may have a harder time finding appropriate products to offer their customers. Some gifts, like movie tickets, can be given away simply to draw people to a certain site, even if that site has nothing to do with movies. There are countless ways to make giveaways work effectively in a business setting. The wisest strategy is often to contact a professional to discuss the various options.

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