Targeted Advertising

Written by Tara Peris
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These days, targeted advertising is the focus of most major ad campaigns. Increasingly, marketing consultants are appreciating the importance of tailoring advertisements to the specific needs of the niche demographic. This may influence the ad format, content, delivery timing.

The idea that you must know your audience is nothing new. However, in recent years, marketing firms have turned consumer research into a thriving field of scientific investigation. Thus, they can tell you how best to reach the soccer mom, the senior citizen, or the entrepreneur via different targeted advertising mechanisms.

The Role of Targeted Advertising

The issue of how best to reach your customer base pervades many aspects of marketing. Most critically, it should guide the choice of ad medium, helping business owners to choose among options like telemarketing, mass mailing, and wireless advertising. Once the ad format is determined, an effective, strategic approach will use demographic information to inform other key decisions.

For example, ads aimed at homemakers and working mothers might contain content that tugs at the heartstrings or resonates with emotional themes. Ads aimed at businessmen might rely on alternative strategies. The key to success with targeted advertising is to let your understanding of your customer base guide all aspects of ad development.

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