Targeted Mobile Advertising

Written by Tara Peris
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Those familiar with wireless marketing techniques know that strategically targeted mobile advertising is the only viable alternative. Although there is much to recommend wireless advertising, it is only effective when executed carefully. This pertains to both the timing and presentation of wireless advertisements.

The need for strategic marketing services is nothing new. No advertising strategy, no matter how compelling, will work when directed at the wrong people at the wrong time. You must know your niche demographic and strive to develop advertising campaigns that speak to it directly.

The Foundation of Targeted Mobile Advertising

When it comes to developing targeted mobile advertising, the key is to develop a presentation that capitalizes on the wireless format. As this marketing strategy is relatively new, almost anything is fair game. However, you would be well-advised to conduct field research to explore which ad characteristics are most effective with your specific demographic.

This may seem intimidating, but in practice, it can be quite easy. Consider administering a survey to existing customers about what influences their decisions. Alternatively, you might conduct a small-scale pilot study with various ad formats and examine different participant responses. Careful, comprehensive research should provide a foundation for targeted mobile advertising.

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