Targeted Wireless Advertising

Written by Tara Peris
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Targeted wireless advertising takes individualized marketing to a whole new level. With an increasing amount of consumer information available to the public, it is now possible to launch highly strategic marketing campaigns. These efforts target a select group of individuals using the methods most likely to appeal to them.

As debate swirls around the use of Spyware software, we gain increasing awareness of the amount of personal information that is accessible to the public. Computer tracking alone can produce valuable demographic information on age, spending habits, and lifestyle choices. This is not to mention the information on marital and financial status that is a matter of public record.

Targeted Wireless Advertising and Consumer Demographics

From an advertising perspective, this background information can be pooled to create a detailed consumer profile. With a bit of field research, it becomes easy to determine which marketing methods work best with various consumer populations. This in turn allows for targeted wireless advertising that is informed by scientific research.

Why conduct research? Because it helps to ensure that when you use a targeted wireless advertising approach, you are matching the right strategy to the right demographic. With a data-driven approach, you can hone your marketing campaign continually, modifying as needed in order to meet with the greatest success.

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