Written by Seth Cotterell
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Telamerica is a media company specializing in direct response marketing. You've probably heard a lot about direct response marketing, but you might not be sure exactly what it is. I'll help you understand direct response marketing a little better by taking a closer look at Telamerica so you can see how a direct response media company works.

Direct Response and Telamerica

Companies like Telamerica focus on direct response media for several reasons. One is that it is considerably less expensive than traditional advertising. It is also more effective. At least, it is easier to gauge its effectiveness and track results than with traditional strategies. Post purchase analysis tools help you judge just how effective your marketing strategy has been so you can alter your advertising for maximum benefit.

At the heart of direct response advertising is your television commercial. This commercial is what gets your information out into the public. The most common way to do this is with an infomercial. This gives you more time than a traditional commercial spot to convey your message and illustrate the features and benefits of your product. What's unique about direct response is that you are only charged for the calls that come in as a result of your infomercial, not for airtime.

Telamerica is able to do this because of its affiliation with broadcasters. It is the parent company of two television subsidiaries. Telamerica and its subsidiaries have created a national network with hundreds of broadcast stations. They can get the lowest prices and have last minute access to the airwaves, so they don't have to schedule weeks ahead of time.

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