Announcement Cards

Written by Linda Alexander
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There are lots of creative uses for announcement cards. They are no longer reserved for the happy occasions of weddings and the birth of babies. In fact, you can use announcements for many business applications. Rather than send a plain old boring memo, use an elegant, professionally printed card, mailed to all your important prospects.

Business Uses for Announcement Cards

Announcement cards can be used for announcing business meetings, alerting people about fundraisers, or informing your customers that your business has moved to a new location. You can let people know you have hired a new employee or that somebody has earned a well-deserved promotion. Or, use them as a clever way to announce the launch of a new product.

For personal use, announcement cards are still appropriate to announce marriages and births. You can also tell people about someone graduating from college or graduate school, or passing a difficult licensing exam. Use your imagination when it comes to announcing the important events in your life.

Announcement cards are usually 5 x 7 inches and printed on thin cardstock. They are inserted into envelopes to be mailed. You can also use them as invitations, and include a reply card and stamped envelope so your invitees can let you know whether they will attend your event.

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