Brochure Printing

Written by Linda Alexander
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Brochure printing in color makes a powerful impression on clients. Research proves that people remember full color in promotions longer than black and white. Using a heavy weight, glossy paper will give your brochure a more professional look.

Using a full color brochure will help you gain visibility and brand your company's image. It will project a message on to your prospects to give you the impact you need. Brochures are usually 8 ½ x 11" flat, and tri-folded. They can also be designed as self-mailers.

Brochure Printing without Good Design

Of course, the best brochure printing in the world will not do a thing to promote your business if the design and writing are poor. Therefore, it makes sense to hire a professional copywriter and graphic designer to put together your brochures. Then, you can have a direct mail service company do the brochure printing and mailing. Or, you can work with a mailer company that offers design services as well.

Your brochure should be more than just sales copy; it should inform people about your products and services. You should also include any guarantees you have, so that you reduce the perceived risk to buying your products. Testimonies from satisfied customers lend credibility to your claims and help put people's minds at ease.

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