Bulk Mail Services

Written by Linda Alexander
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Bulk mail services help you take advantage of postal discounts. The post office will discount your postage on large mailings (usually 200 pieces or more) if you help them sort it and prepare it for the mailing. Of course, when you hire a mailing house to handle your mailing, they do this work for you.

With bulk mail services, you can skip many of the steps you would take if you did all the work yourself. For example, many mailing services will allow you to use their bulk mailing permits. That saves you on annual mailing fees and the hassle of maintaining your permit and having it printed on all of your envelopes.

What Do Bulk Mail Services Do?

Some bulk mail services will also sort your mail by zip code and deliver it to your local post office's bulk mailing facility. They will ensure that your addresses are current and put the proper postage on it or imprint their permit number on your envelopes. It saves you a lot of time and trouble, and you can then take advantage of discounted standard-rate postage.

If you use direct mail regularly, and every business should, you will find your mailing list growing steadily. Sooner or later, you will have large mailings to do and it's comforting to know you can outsource this job to competent professionals. When your mailings become large enough, allow a bulk mail service provider to handle your mailings to ensure that they are accurate and mailed on time.

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