Business Cards

Written by Linda Alexander
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Business cards are your most important networking tool. They help introduce you to potential clients. They convey contact information. They define what you do for a living and tell people how you can help them. If used correctly, they can get you in the door with customers, and perhaps help you land the perfect job.

You should design your business cards in the same fashion as your other marketing materials. After all, they are marketing tools as well. Use the same design theme and logo, colors, and language as you do in your other collateral pieces. Think of a business card as a miniature ad for your company.

Printing Business Cards

The relative cost of printing business cards is low, low, low. So you should not skimp on the printing. Have full color cards printed on thick stock, and coated for an even more vibrant look. There is no need to have drab, dull cards when there are so many choices in design and the printing is so affordable.

Also, be sure to pass out your business cards wherever you go, following the rules of etiquette. Keeping the cards in the box they came in does little to promote your business. Don't allow them to collect dust. Get them circulating and you'll soon have more business than you can handle.

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