Digital Color Printing Services

Written by Linda Alexander
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Lower costs have brought about a renaissance in digital color printing. That along with the other key benefit, personalization, have made it more popular than it's ever been. Since digital presses became available in the 1990s, printers have been searching for the perfect applications for this technology. Now, they have found it in print on demand and other customization.

Printing on Demand and Personalization

Today, your online print shop can help you with production and fulfillment using color printing. Anything from manuals to school workbooks to membership kits and restaurant menus can be printed on a digital press. Some of them might need to be personalized, while others just need to be customized or turned into different versions.

Many think that digital printing is not practical or economical for traditional direct mail advertisements, but that other marketing materials will benefit from it. Books, directories, and on-demand membership kits do well with digital printing. The personalization aspect makes it most attractive to marketers. However, a little online investigation reveals many affordable ways to produce high color mailers right from your own computer.

Finally, digital color printing is becoming an mature technology. The costs to print in color have decreased five fold over the last ten years. It is no longer reserved for niche markets. Now, digital printing is seeing widespread use and is being valued for its ability to produce high-quality printing at a low cost.

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