Direct Mail Marketing

Written by Linda Alexander
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Businesses cannot afford to overlook direct mail marketing. It is one of the most effective ways to generate new business with existing customers or to gain new customers. By far, the most important element of your direct mail campaign is your list. If you can't reach the right audience, your mailing will be a failure, so choose carefully.

From the beginning, you must identify your target audience. Your mailing list must also be as accurate as possible, or you will waste money on returns. A mailing service provider can help you clean up your list and make sure it conforms to postal regulations.

Direct Mail Marketing Campaigns

Writing and designing direct mail pieces is an art. If you must do it yourself, first read some articles or books on direct mail and how to write effective copy for sales letters and postcards. That will ensure that you get the best response from your direct mail marketing campaign. Make it personalized, and it will be more likely to be read by your intended recipient. Don't forget a call to action--people must know what their next step is, how to order your products, or whom to call for more information.

Learn from any mistakes you make in your direct mail marketing campaign and use that knowledge for your next mailing. The more you test and tweak your mailings, the more effective they will be. Direct mail is profitable. Use it often to gather new customers or gain repeat business.

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