Direct Mail Services

Written by Linda Alexander
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Direct mail services are there for any business that wants to take full advantage of the power of direct mail. Mailing to a target audience is one of the most effective ways a business can market itself. There is a lot of labor involved, however, so a direct mail service provider can make the mailing go much more smoothly for businesses that do not have the staff to handle large mailings.

Direct mail services don't just sort mail. They can create direct mail pieces from scratch. They will help you design them and some will even help you print the mailers. Whether you are mailing a self-mailer brochure, a number ten envelope stuffed with a sales letter, or an oversized postcard, they can really make your life easier. Eliminating this time consuming work allows you to focus on your job, while professionals handle the details of your mailing.

Other Types of Direct Mail Services

Direct mail services also handle stuffing, folding, stapling, sorting and collating. Once the envelopes are stuffed, they will seal them, address them, and meter the proper amount of postage. They will maintain your mailing lists for you, ensuring your addresses are accurate and saving you money on wasted postage.

Many professionals are finding that a letter format is not ideal for them. A color printed postcard packs a punch that a lengthy letter may lack. When you want to introduce yourself, your goods or services and extend a special offer, an eye-catching mailer is an excellent choice.

Direct mail is an art and it takes a certain amount of skill to design and write an effective mail piece. If you want your mailing to get good results, leave it to the experts. Direct mail services have contacts in the mailing business who can design a stunningly beautiful piece with copy that sells products by the truckload.

With the advent of the Internet, direct mailing has taken a new twist. You can design a splashy layout and not even worry about the cost of printing and postage! You can circulate your marketing material online via email. Innovative mailing service providers should certainly offer this option if they are committed to staying current with technology and business.

Hiring a Direct Mail Services Company

When you hire a service provider, always check references. Talk to the company's current clients to find out how well the mailings are handled, whether the addresses are accurate, the mailing lists have been cleaned and de-duped, and how timely the mailings are.

If you plan to have your mailing service provider handle the prepping for you, such as design and printing, ask to see samples of their work. Check the quality of the print job and ask yourself if you would open that piece of mail if you received it. Also, visit the facility to be sure that they are organized and professional.

There are also online mail services that can do just as good a job as your local place. Because they have less overhead, they can even offer you better prices than their competitors. Surf the Web to find the direct mail services that can help boost your profits.

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