Mail Addressing

Written by Linda Alexander
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Using a mailing vendor for your addressing needs saves you a bundle of time. By having somebody handle your mailing, you eliminate a huge workload from your office. Outsourcing mailing tasks such as folding, collating, stapling, stuffing, sealing, addressing, labeling, and metering will also save you money.

When you let a professional mail vendor handle your mailing list, they will continuously clean it up and keep it accurate. You will have fewer pieces of undeliverable mail and you will waste less postage. Right there that is a large cost savings. If your mail house does digital printing with no setup fees or minimum quantities, you are saving money there as well.

Within a few days, your mailing will be completed and delivered to the post office for processing. It's that simple. Vendors know how to sort the mail to get you the best postage rates. They know which pieces should have which type of postage on them. It's beyond convenient; in many marketing departments, it's downright necessary.

Addressing Services

You don't just need to outsource addressing. You can outsource the entire job, from the design and printing right up to delivering it to the post office. If you lack the staff or the expertise to handle large mailings, shave hours off your workload and help your company cut costs by sending your mailings to the professionals.

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