Mailing List Management

Written by Linda Alexander
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In order for your mailing list to continue to be effective, it must be continually updated. Each year, over 40 million Americans move. Keeping your database accurate is crucial to the success of your direct mailing efforts.

Keeping a list clean and current is a time consuming task, however. Investing in mailing list management software is cost-prohibitive for many companies. That is why there are mailing companies that will maintain your list for you. They will store it, clean it, eliminate duplicates, make corrections to addresses, and ensure that the addresses conform to postal regulations.

Accurate Mailing List Management

When you maintain an accurate mailing list, you also save money. You will have less of your postage wasted on mail that is returned due to bad addresses. The savings alone make it worth it to outsource this job. However, there is also great potential to increase your profits. Your mailings will be reaching more of your targeted prospects, meaning more people will read them, and probably more people will buy.

A list is considered accurate if it is 80 percent correct at any given time. If you find that more than 20 percent of your mail is being returned, it is time to have your mailing list reworked. Or, you can rent one from a list broker, who will make sure the addresses are current.

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