Reply Cards

Written by Linda Alexander
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You might be surprised to learn that the tried and true method for direct marketing, a sales letter and reply card, still works well. In fact, it often generates better responses than fancy color mailers. Reply cards boost response because you make it easy for your prospects. By including prepaid postage and a self-addressed card, there is no reason why an interested prospect wouldn't return it.

Make it Easy for Readers to Reply

Make sure that your readers can find your reply cards. Too many pieces in an envelope can get confusing. Your readers should be able to find reply cards quickly, so they can respond to your offer. If you make them work for it, they will not reply.

If you do not have a permit to send business reply mail, don't despair. You can still use reply cards. You can either use the permit at your mail house, if you are outsourcing the mailing tasks, or you can put stamps on the reply cards. It might cost more, but it's easier on your prospects. That way they won't have to search for postage or your address.

Recent studies prove that shorter copy on reply cards pull a bigger response. It used to be that longer copy worked better, but today's prospects are in a hurry. They do not have time to read long copy. Give them the facts quickly, and make it really simple for them to reply to your offer and you will see higher response rates on your mailings.

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