Self Mailers

Written by Linda Alexander
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Self mailers have specific requirements with regard to design. You must fold and tab the self mailer precisely or the post office will not mail it. Tabs are needed to keep the mailers closed so they do not jam in processing equipment. You can always use additional tabs. Here are the guidelines that the post office gives.

The folded edge must be parallel to the longest dimension of the mailer, and the address must be printed parallel to it also. If your mailer is a single sheet of at least 28 pound paper, you need a single tab in the center, with the fold at the bottom. If the paper is 20 pounds, you need two tabs. The fold may be at the top or the bottom, and the tabs should be placed one inch from the sides.

Newsletters and Brochures as Self Mailers

For multiple sheets, such as a newsletter or brochure, on 20 or 24 pound paper, you will also need two tabs, placed one inch from the sides. The fold must be at the bottom. Booklets are similar--two tabs, one inch from the sides, and the spine of the booklet should be at the bottom. The spine must be the longest side of the mailer.

One other type of mailer that can be mailed without an envelope is a postcard. For a double postcard, of at least 75 pound paper, you must have a single tab in the center. Decide why information you needto include and which designs you favor so that the configuration of your mailer can accomodate your wishes..

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