Direct Mail List

Written by Amy Hall
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A direct mail list can help you better target your advertising campaign to yield the best results, meaning higher sales. There is direct mail marketing, which involves sending out newsletters, notices of promotions, and/or flyers through the mail to customers informing them of your products and services. Most of these mailings end up in one place. . .the trashcan.

In addition, direct mail marketing costs a pretty penny to get the ball rolling. On average, it could cost you between $750 and $1000 to send out 1000 mailings. Of these mailings, only 1 to 2% elicit a response, while the rest end up in the garbage! Obviously, this is not the best solution to increasing your sales volume.

Another Kind of Direct Mail List

However, don't despair just yet, because there is another type of direct mail list that works, and has proven to be effective. It is called the bulk email list, and it entails sending out email to a whole list of consumers who have shown an interest in receiving email promotions companies that have a product or service that is of interest to them. Optin email costs a whole lot less than direct mail marketing, usually around $100 to $350 per 1000 emails sent out.

In addition to this good news, you'll be happy to learn that this type of direct marketing elicits a 10 to 15% response rate! Email also allows for multiple links to your website, which further increases your chances of raising your sales. Finally, it is easy to track the response rates you get with optin email, so you can determine what is working and what is not to better fine tune your ad campaign.

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