Direct Marketing List

Written by Amy Hall
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A direct marketing list is basically a predetermined list of consumer names, phone numbers, or email addresses that will be contacted via mail, phone, or Internet for the purpose of making a sale. Direct marketing has been around for ages, but it has only been recently that it has taken a whole new step with the Internet boom and the jump in computer technology. Studies have proven again and again that consumers are more likely to respond to an optin email inquiry or advertisement than they are from a telemarketing phone call or a direct mail marketing brochure or flyer.

In fact, when you look at direct mail marketing, the statistics are not very optimistic. First, the cost is rather on the expensive side, with 1000 mailers costing between $750 and $1000! You have to take into consideration the cost of paper, printing and postage. Out of those 1000 flyers mailed out, about 980-990 of them will end up in the trash can, with only 10-20 people giving a response.

The Targeted Direct Marketing List

OK, so you can see how direct mail marketing is not very effective. Let's take a look at telemarketing. We almost don't even need to utter a word here because 99% of the people you talk to about this topic will give a sigh of disgust. In general, people strongly dislike being called at home by telemarketing companies. The results are not impressive, with most callers being hung up on or barked at by consumers who do not welcome the uninvited intrusion.

Back to optin email marketing. This type of direct marketing list elicits the best response, simply because it is derived from information given by consumers themselves. Consumers who have expressed an interest in receiving information or advertisements via email from certain companies get put on a list for future marketing campaigns. The results show that about 10-15% of recipients will respond, with this number sometimes jumping as high as 50%! As you can see, this marketing strategy works best and increases revenue more effectively.

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