Direct Marketing List Building

Written by Amy Hall
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Direct marketing list building is extremely important if you are to succeed at optin email marketing. First, let's take a better look at exactly what direct email marketing is, and how it compares to other forms of direct marketing. Essentially, direct email marketing has stolen the limelight from direct mail marketing and telemarketing, and for good reason.

First, with direct mail marketing, you are really not going to get a great response, maybe one to two percent at best. In addition to these poor results, you will have to put out a great deal of money upfront to carry out such an ad campaign. Telemarketing does not fare any better, and quite possibly even worse than mail marketing. Consumers just don't want to hear from solicitors when they are in their homes; they just don't.

Direct Marketing List Building for Higher Sales

OK, so now that you know the basics about these other two more traditional forms of direct marketing, you can see that they are not very effective. Where do you go from there, you may wonder? Well, direct marketing list building seems to be the ticket in terms of generating higher sales from consumer responses. Basically, optin email works because consumers have expressed a previous interest in receiving email advertisements from your company and others like yours.

Therefore, you already have a leg up when you send out promotional email advertisements because these consumers are on a targeted list to receive information from you. The response rate is greater and the total sales volume usually increases substantially. To learn more, please click on the above link and it will take you directly to our recommended site on direct marketing solutions.

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