Direct Response Marketing

Written by Amy Hall
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Direct response marketing involves the use of different strategies for direct marketing success. For instance, the various types of direct marketing includes direct mail marketing, telemarketing, and bulk email marketing. All of these marketing strategies have the same goal: to get back a positive response in the form of a sale.

In this day and age, globalization and the Internet have made it easier than ever to conduct business. Direct response marketing takes on a whole new tone when it is conducted via the Internet. What is even more promising is optin email marketing, which has proven to be the most successful type of marketing out of all the above strategies.

Why Does Direct Response Marketing Work?

Direct marketing via the Internet works best because it involves some sort of participation from the consumer prior to any advertising promotions. For instance, with optin email, the consumer has been given the opportunity to express an interest in receiving certain types of promotional advertisements from specific companies. Let's say you have been asked in a questionaire online, if you would be interested in receiving emails from companies that sell cooking supplies or gardening tools; if you checked off "yes", than you could expect to receive advertisements from related companies in the future.

This type of marketing works because it is directed at a targeted audience. People who cook and garden as hobbies will be interested in receiving emails about your goods and services, and are more likely going to place an order with your company. This of course increases your sales volume and grows your customer base.

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