Double Opt In Email Marketing

Written by Amy Hall
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Double opt in email marketing is even better than regular optin email marketing. Why? Because consumers have not only expressed an interest in hearing more about the products and services you sell, but actually want you to send them such information via email. This type of direct email marketing is four times as likely to elicit a response than any other kind of direct marketing.

Let's examine the different types of direct marketing, which can help you to see why double opt in marketing works best. With direct mail marketing, you have to put out a great deal of money for paper, printing, and postage, and the response rate is only about 1-2%, which is obviously not very encouraging. With telemarketing, consumers often have no interest in hearing from anybody who calls them at home to sell them a product or service they have absolutely no interest in hearing about, especially when they've just sat down to dinner.

Why Double Opt In Email Marketing Works

This brings up to double opt in email marketing, which has again and again shown it is the best direct marketing strategy. First, as we said before, optin email lists consist of consumers who really want to hear about your goods and services. Double opt in email marketing means they are not only interested in hearing about your products but that they want you to actually contact them with more detailed information. This truly makes all the difference in the world in terms of getting responses.

If your sales volumes have been less that impressive, maybe it's time to take a good look at how you are marketing your products. Optin email marketing could just be what you need to turn things in a positive direction. You could very soon be seeing your sales going up and your customer base growing.

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