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Written by Jen Nichol
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Marketing approaches are changing dramatically with Internet applications; Email ROI (return on investment), which is based on relationships with customers, as opposed to single-sale marketing, is dramatically more profitable than traditional marketing models. Email marketing software applications engage consumers in a dialog, which gets them excited about brands and products, and eager to know more. Tools like enterprise email software allow for personal interaction on a large scale, to give companies and customers the best of both worlds.

Email ROI is so high because it results in repeat business and referrals. Customers respond to companies who are themselves responsive. Dialog gives companies vital market data, and it builds brand identification and loyalty with consumers.

Email ROI Is Dramatically Higher than Traditional Marketing

The world of business has gone global, and consumers have a wealth of choices of goods and services. Creating a brand "personality" is critical to success in the modern environment. Let your customers know who you are, and that you are interested in them as individuals, and value their feedback.

Consumers are driving the modern market. The companies that develop an interactive, working relationship with their customers will enjoy incredibly high email ROI. These tools have been created to allow marketing to evolve as quickly as the marketplace.

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