Global Opt In

Written by Amy Hall
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A global opt in list can really help you build your business more efficiently and more cost-effectively. Direct marketing can be very expensive to carry out, especially when you take into consideration the lack of responses you often get back. Telemarketing and direct mail marketing in particular often yield the least responses, and they are more expensive to carry out than optin email marketing.

When you take into consideration the amount of time, effort, and expense to conduct a direct mail marketing campaign, it is any wonder that companies continue to do it today. You have to pay for paper, printing, postage, and even return postage. The average cost to mail out 1000 flyers or postcards is about $750 to $1000, which only yields a 1-2% response rate. This means that pretty much all but 10-20 flyers will end up in the trash can! That's more than a little discouraging.

Global Opt In for Higher Sales

OK, so you can see how direct mail marketing hardly makes any sense. Telemarketing has become more and more of an issue, as consumers have expressed outright anger and frustration with being solicited by phone in their homes. This has led to the boom in Internet marketing and global opt in lists.

Permission marketing essentially means that consumers who have expressed a certain interest in receiving email from specific companies are put on targeted email lists. Companies can then put together an ad campaign with these lists in mind. The result is higher responses and higher sales volume, thus increasing your bottom-line.

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