Optin Mail

Written by Amy Hall
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Optin mail is just what it sounds like. Consumers can choose to receive email from companies that sell products or services that are of interest to them. Direct email marketing is much more effective than direct mail marketing and telemarketing combined.

First, with direct mail marketing, you have to put out a great deal of money upfront to execute your campaign. You will have to pay for paper, printing,postage, as well as return postage. On average, it costs around $750 to $1000 for every 1000 flyers you send out, which is a lot of money when you only get back about 10-20 responses.

Optin Mail for Higher Sales

However, when you look at optin mail, you can really see why it works so much better than direct mail marketing or telemarketing. To begin, consumers whose email addresses are on a targeted list chose to have their email addresses on that targeted list. At some point, they expressed an interest in hearing more from your company about the services and products you offer.

Furthermore, consumers who are on these lists tend to respond at a much higher rate than other direct marketing strategies elicit. At the very least, you will get many more consumers visiting your website on a daily basis. And at best, you will start to see your sales increase substantially, and your customer base grow as well.

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